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"CHANGE" Part 2: Foundation

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Recently, Shayvon Studios has had the honor of filming the second installation of Mr. Anthony Irving's short documentary series entitled "Change". We were on location with 17year old Mahlek Hargrove, who was an eye opener and great inspiration as his story was told through his own words and heart. It was incredible to hear what this young man had to say about the climate of the black community present day. There are a lot of young people out there with their own story and all they want is someone to listen. As parents and community leaders, the least we can do for these youths is be an outlet. Majority of the struggles these young people face are due to decisions made by their parents or adults in the community. Let's create a FOUNDATION for our future leaders! Head on over to our videos section to see the full vidoe! 20 minutes could save your life your life or the life of another!

Artist Review: "FOOTZ LITTLE"

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We are pleased to introduce to you the phenomonal DC born rap artist Footz Little. Not only does he rap he is a writer, designer, and video editor. Footz, a new member of Shayvon Studios, is currently collaborating with Sonny Black, CEO of Block Pounders music. Footz Litte has an innovative eye for video editing that captures the grit and grime of the streets, and the true faces of the people. With in your face imagery and grahpics, Footz truly integrates art and reality into his productions. 



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Six Months Moratorium (Article)

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Cease Fire Don't Smoke the Brothers and Sisters, Inc. held its fifth annual Six Months Moratorium on Stopping the Killings cookout/ boxing match in association with Universal Madness last Saturday at Upshur Recreation Park. Check out the Washington, DC's Imfromer's online article on the cause and the movement.

 view tboth of the Washington Imformer's article here:

Article 1:  http://washingtoninformer.com/index.php/local/item/11732-six-months-moratorium-on-stopping-the-killings

Article 2:  http://washingtoninformer.com/index.php/local/item/11726-cease-fire-picnic-draws-huge-crowds




Shayvon Studios Interviews Tony Simmons of Lime Lite Boxing and Fitness

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(Sam Cassel with Lime Lite's own Greg Simmons, seen here)

We are very excited to present a closer look into not only one, but two Northwest Washington, DC community platforms. Lime Lite Boxing and Fitness and Arthur's Grocery Store. Shayvon Studios had the opportunity to catch up with Mr.Tony Simmons, the Executive Director of Lime Lite Boxing and Fitness, and ask him a couple questions.


Shayvon Studios(SS): Can you give me a quick history on the boxing gym?  How did this   community institution come about?

Tony Simmons (TS):
The gym started in 2000 when my son's training gym moved to the Southeast side of DC. He was with Hitplayers at the time. My father owned the building where the gym was located so I just started training my son Greg. Once that happened the neighborhood kids started inquiring. The first kid to come was Gerrell Robinson. That's how Lime Lite started. 

SS: How has the youth boxing community changed since your start in 2000?


All the kids (40) that have come through the gym graduate from highschool, then go to the military, or to college. Time management and discipline are key. I strive to implement those key components in my programs. I even had a kid become the first person in his family to graduate from high school because of my program and only to box with Lime Lite. 

SS: What are your personal goals and expectations for the young people that join your program?

TS: My personal goal is to see the kids graduate, go to college, and become upstanding and law abiding citizens. Boxing is a vehicle to push getting a trade, going to college, etc. I am just trying to keep the youth out of prison.


SS: What kind of programs do you offer at the Lime Lite Gym?


We have an after school tutoring programs, where we help with homework and things like that. There is also a mentoring program for young men and women, but we focus on the young men because they do not have positive male role models in their life. As far as fitness we have the young fighters program, fight fit program, and the ringside program. 

SS: How have your endeavors shapes you as a person in the community?

TS:To be completely honest it hasn't helped me. It has actually made my situation harder. Kids do not understand the time committment. This has been harder than anything else. I have to go from a 8-9 hour job, then spend 4-5 hours with kids that are not mine, when I have my own home to care for. I love what I do. But I feel like God wants me to do this. Some days I dont feel like it but I do anywway.

SS: Does your family do anything else other than the boxing gym?


Yes, Arthur's Grocery that has been an asset to the community for 40 years. The store has given familys free food when they needed trough a credit system established soley off the trust and support of the store and community residents. My mom was always  politically involved with the community, so she was an advocate for the people and always wanted to help the people. We throw cookouts, cabarets, and block parties to give back. Eventhough,within the last 3-5 years the community has changed, and the same people do not live here, but the store is still a staple.

SS: Who is the superstar of the gym?
TS: Malik Jackaon. He started at age 9. I would never forget when he first started out he was losing. Malik lost his first 10 matches. He wasn't doing so well, so I told him "maybe its me, maybe you should go to another gym. I know them and they are good". A day or so passed, and Malik came back and said " Tony I'm not gonna never leave. I wanna stay here"!  Since then he began to win, and has been winning every since. He has been #1 in the country for the last 2-3 years. My son Greg, who was #1 in the world at one point in time, but he went to the military for some time. He is now 26 years old and his first pro fight will be August 4th.